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Welcome to Debtors Anonymous

Is your life unmanageable because of debt?
Are you sick of bouncing checks, paying late fees, and having creditors knocking at your door?

Receive notifications from the Debtors Anonymous General Service Board and General Service Office about upcoming events, D.A. service opportunities, availability of new D.A. literature and the latest issues of the D.A. Focus and Ways & Means newsletters. Sign up below.

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Participants receiving these eNews updates are ensured that their information is treated as private, and is protected from any access. The information is not maintained on-line by the D.A. website, nor will it be provided in any database that would be sold or shared with any other entities-it will be kept strictly for the purpose of receiving these messages.

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Group registration allows the General Service Board and the General Service Office to keep in better contact with D.A. members around the world.

Some of the benefits of registration include:
• Increase visibility of your meeting for members and newcomers.
• Receive information from the GSO on upcoming events or developments within the Fellowship.

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Note: All groups need to renew their meeting registration annually by June 30th and whenever meeting information or contact information changes. If a group fails to renew their registration, they will be deleted from the meeting list. Click Here for Meeting Update Form.

Twelve Tools and Twelve Promises were updated by action of the 2013 World Service Conference. See the new versions on the Literature page

The first edition of A Currency of Hope is sold out and now out of print. It was decided earlier in the year that another printing of this edition would not be prudent since the second edition was approved at the 2012 World Service Conference. Therefore, we are anticipating a few months between selling out the first edition, and the availability of the second edition.

Debtors Anonymous
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