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Ways and Means Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in Ways & Means, the fellowship newsletter of Debtors Anonymous. Major changes are on the way! 

Beginning as soon as possible, our “meeting in print” will be free online from the DA website, www.debtorsanonymous.org. Once current subscriptions expire, the Ways & Means will no longer be published in the traditional printed and mailed format. Current subscribers will continue to receive paper copies in the mail until their subscription expires; they are welcome to download additional copies (in color!) from the website. 

The delegates to the 2005 World Service Conference decided that in order to reach as many current and potential DA members as possible, the newsletter should be made available online. This means if you have Internet access and a printer; you will be able to view, download and print the Ways & Means at your convenience, without paying a subscription fee. The General Service Board of Trustees is working with the General Service Office to post the current issue as soon as possible.  

We encourage you to print an extra copy or two to share with your group, to give to a newcomer, or to give to someone who can’t easily get to a meeting or who doesn’t have Internet access. We hope to make back issues (from Summer 2002 to present) available to you as well, so we can begin to grow an archive of our collective experience, strength and hope. 

Please remember that there will still be operating expenses associated with producing the Ways & Means (we currently pay an editor to prepare each issue), so we hope you will continue to donate to the General Service Office to help cover these expenses, as well as all the other costs associated with carrying the DA message to the debtor who still suffers.

 Yours in Service,

The General Service Board of Debtors Anonymous


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