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Service Literature

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What Is D.A.Service Material?
D.A. Service Material is produced in response to the needs of D.A. members for information and shared experience on specific service-related subjects. It reflects the guidance of the Twelve Traditions, the General Service Board (GSB) and the General Service Office (GSO) and is developed from the shared experience of D.A. members throughout the Fellowship. Since Service Material reflects the current and ever-developing conscience of our Fellowship as a whole, it does not undergo the usual D.A. literature approval process, requiring final approval by the World Service Conference (WSC), and may be updated periodically under the auspices of the General Service Board to reflect current Fellowship experience.

Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service
D.A.'s first comprehensive service manual, including detailed information on the Fellowship's Service Structure at all levels--group, Intergroup, and World Service. Includes much original material on anonymity and social media, literature, public information, traditions, and the 12 Concepts For D.A. World Service. 
Item #S-110, 142-page book

View Manual for Service Table of Contents

Notes to Newcomers
This brief description of the program, complete with helpful hints is ideal for giving away to newcomers or others interested in the program of Debtors Anonymous.
Item #S-107, 1-page document

D.A. Outreach Cards / (business-card size) package of 25
For use by members when performing CPC and PI outreach to professionals and the public.  Can be used also for member outreach to newcomers.
Item # S-111

D.A. Treasurer's Manual: The Seventh Tradition In Action
A manual by treasurers, for treasurers that explains how successful DA groups and intergroups have managed their money while adhering closely to the Fellowship's 12 Traditions.

The Treasurer's Manual is available for on-line  viewing/download

A Guide To Special Events
Many DA groups and intergroups put on share-a-days, workshops, fundraisers, and other activities to carry the message and fulfill our tradition of self-support. This guide offers suggestions for a successful event and adherence to good service principles and the 12 Traditions.

The Guide To Special Events is available for on-line  viewing/download

How To Start a D.A. Intergroup
This brochure explains how groups within a given area can increase their effectiveness in carrying the D.A. message by banding together as an Intergroup. The experience of many existing Intergroups is shared.

How To Start a D.A. Integroup is available for online  viewing/download

Twelve Signs Posters
Spread the D.A. message with these 8 by 11 card stock posters for display. Fill in your meeting location and time.

Twelve Signs Posters may be printed and reproduced for group use.

Find out why we are anonymous! Clarifies the role of anonymity as a personal and spiritual principle and defines our public relations perspective on anonymity at the level of the mass media.

The General Service Board approved Anonymity Statement. Click Here

This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use. Anonymity.pdf

Board Produced Literature
These two page essays address questions about supporting and strengthening local DA groups. They may be printed and duplicated for group use.

How to Keep Your Meeting Alive

Group Inventory: All Shapes and Sizes

Conference Approved Literature at Meetings: Assuring Our Unity

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