Announcements for Meetings

Here are recent and ongoing announcements for members—especially General or Intergroup Service Representatives (GSRs & ISRs)—to make during D.A. meetings.

Recent Announcements:

  • The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Debtors Anonymous is now available in digital format as an eBook at [Flyer]
  • The WSC Resource Development Committee asks D.A. members to distribute the flyer regarding end-of-year charitable contributions to support Debtors Anonymous. [Flyer]
  • Attn: Intergroups — Consider submitting a bid for your city to host the World Service Conference in 2020 and/or 2021.  [Flyer]
  • Fellowship-wide Call on Sunday, November 18, 2018 from 1:00 – 2:00 Eastern Time titled “Traditions 1 – 3”, presented by the GSB Long Range Planning Committee (Call-in: 1-605-472-5540, Access code: 617093) [Flyer]
  • Fellowship-wide Call on Sunday, December 2, 2018 from 2:00 – 3:30 Eastern Time titled “A Spiritual Approach to Growing your Business: The Tools of BDA (Tools 7 – 9)”, presented by the WSC Business Debtors Anonymous Committee (Call-in: 1-605-472-5540, Access code: 617093) [Flyer]
  • The 2019 World Service Conference will be in Los Angeles. Details will be posted in early 2019 at
  • Attention D.A. Intergroups: Michalene R., Debtors Anonymous Board Chair, is offering an opportunity for Intergroups to get short, direct reports from the GSB. If your Intergroup would like the Chair to attend one or two Intergroup meetings by telephone during the current conference year, contact her at email hidden; JavaScript is required. She can provide your intergroup with a Board Update, a Finance update, or just listen to the concerns of your Intergroup.

Ongoing Announcements:

  • Please encourage D.A. members at meetings to Subscribe to eNews to receive all D.A. announcements!
    – D.A. members can subscribe at
    – D.A. members in the U.S. can sign up by texting DARECOVERY to 22828 [Flyer]
  • Share your story in Ways & Means—the recovery magazine of D.A.—or share an article about service in The DA Focus newsletter. Members can learn more and read past issues at:
  • If it fits in your spending plan, please increase your 7th Tradition contributions to support the Fellowship! Members can donate at:

D.A. Announcements to print and distribute

Release date Nov 5, 2018
GSB Fellowship-wide Call — Nov 18, 2018

Release date Nov 2, 2018
BDA Fellowship-wide Call — Dec 2, 2018

Release date Oct 30, 2018
12&12&12 Now Available in eBook Format

Release date Oct 23, 2018
2018 End of Year Contributions

Release date Oct 23, 2018
HIP Fellowship-wide Call — Nov 4, 2018

Release date Oct 20, 2018
Subscribe to eNews via Text Message

Release date Sep 30, 2018
The DA Focus newsletter — 3rd Quarter issue

Release date Sep 26, 2018
FCC Fellowship-wide Call — Oct 28, 2018

Release date Sep 17, 2018
Bidding Opens for 2020/2021 WSC Site

Release date Sep 16, 2018
GSB Fellowship-wide Call — Oct 21, 2018

Release date Sep 16, 2018
GSB-PI Fellowship-wide Call — Oct 13, 2018

Release date Sep 16, 2018
Podcasts on the D.A. Website

Release date Sep 16, 2018
WSC 2018 Actions and Recommendations

Release date Sep 10, 2018:
Announcing D.A. Announcements