Service Opportunities

World Service Information for D.A. Members, Groups, Intergroups, and WSC

The Eleventh Tool of Debtors Anonymous
We perform service at every level: personal, meeting, Intergroup, and World Service. Service is vital to our recovery. Only through service can we give to others what so generously has been given to us.

Open D.A. Service Positions

Debtors Anonymous regularly needs trusted servants to fill a number of positions throughout its service structure. The positions listed here are service positions, not paying jobs. Each listing has instructions on how to apply and deadlines for submitting applications.

General Service Board Information

Bylaws Of The General Service Board

Statements From The General Service Board

How to reach the General Service Board

(Board and Committee membership change as Trustees rotate on and off. You can reach all members of the General Service Board through the D.A. General Service Office at

Board Positions
Until August 2019

Board Officers

Chair Michalene R.
Vice-chair Sharon S.
Treasurer Tom R.
Secretary Dayton L.


Board Committee Chairpersons

Audit/Legal Michalene R.
Communications Bill D.
Conference Support Tom B.
Information Technology Bill D.
International Dayton L.
Literature Publications Sharon S.
Literature Translation and Licensing Josie P.
Long-Range Planning Sharon S.
Nomination Committee Sharon S.
Office Michalene R.
Public Information Tom R.